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Welcome to jesusistheanswer.cc


There's a lot on this site! Here are some of the highlights:
     I have written thousands of comments on individual Bible verses. You can check this link - which will take you to a list of Bible books, then you can choose which book you would like to see the comments for. 
     With a special in interest in evangelism, and the ministry of D. L. Moody, there are several links to his work on this site. You can read any of the contents for the books D. L. Moody's Anecdotes, Moody's Child Stories or Moody's Stories from the links here.
     Occasionally I like to write "tracts," or short thoughts on the importance of trusting in Jesus for eternal life. Some that I have on this site are concerning: September 11, 2001, The Christian's Secret, Transformed, Robots (in .txt format), John 3:16, Urgent!, Jesus is the answer.  To Christians: Imminency, Glowing
     When I distribute bookmarks to various churches, I have seen some fascinating church architecture, and take photos of some impressive or unusual churches. You can see some of them on this page.
     From 1992 - 1996 we published a Christian newsletter called Testimony Newsletter. Some of the people who submitted their Christian testimonies at the time granted us permission to post them on the Internet. You can review those starting here. If you would like to add your Christian testimony to the entries listed, please send information on the feedback form.
     One of the emphasis' on this site is for the sharing of general Christian information as I have time to add material. One page on this site has links to most of the larger Christian congregation/denomination web sites. You can see if your denomination or interest is listed here. If not, let me know the link by using the feedback form.
     I have an interest and hope for a great revival in the USA, which some also refer to as a great awakening. In 1857, just 160+ years ago, the most well known awakening occurred. Here are some of the details.

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     Thank you for visiting this web site. Most likely you found out about this site from one of four bookmarks that I distributed or from the Facebook page that has a similar name to this web site.  I realize that you can not read the words in the illustrations above. If you would like an enlarged version, just click on each bookmark in any place except the crosses (except the Tower bookmark, which should be readable). If you would like more information about the books of the Bible, the Ten Commandments or The Lord's Prayer, please click on one of the crosses  on each bookmark.

    Since I'm not a theologian, my writing shouldn't be very detailed - and I hope that this will be to the benefit of people who are searching for answers to the basics. I will also add a dictionary of terms as time permits.

    There are many subjects that will need to be covered, and I certainly don't know all of the views on all of the subjects. I would appreciate suggestions to improve the site. You may contact me by filling out the feedback form.

    It will probably take many years to show every view on every aspect of Christianity. Please check for new insertions occasionally. This site will always be "under construction."

    Some of the subjects covered (i.e. the tribulation) do not have anything to do with your immediate need for a new birth. Without this need fulfilled, the views on tribulation will have no meaning. That is the basic reason for the name of this site. Jesus is the answer to ALL of life's spiritual problems, and without Him, life is never truly fulfilled.

    I have recently added a page for prayer requests. Please consider praying for those who have submitted their requests. If you would like to submit a prayer request, please fill out the feedback form and I will place the request on the site for the next 30 days, or less if you advise.

    God willing, this site will change constantly. Please be patient. There are now over a thousand page-files for those of you who already received bookmarks like the ones above and for you to know that you have reached the correct site. I anticipate many more in the days and months to come.  Thanks for visiting!

1If you did not receive a bookmark, and would like one or more, you may contact me using the feedback form. I would be glad to send you as many bookmarks as you wish until they are gone. A suggested donation of 25 per bookmark would be appreciated to help pay for the cost of producing and mailing them, but is not necessary.

If you DID receive a bookmark and would like me to mail the next bookmark to you, when it is produced, please let me know that on the feedback form.   I'd also like to know how you found the website.

I now have a Facebook page! Check out this page for new Bible comments and other links to You Tube videos and other things that I hope will be of interest.

Facebook page: jesusistheanswer.cc