This will be a little more complicated! This post card was designed to be a Hold-to-Light post card. (HTL-4)

    I had the idea of a Santa and his sleigh above a village, and gave the idea to Gayle Polsinello, an artist with local ties. I felt that she did an excellent job with the artwork.

    4,125 cards were printed with this design; however, 3,000 of that number were die-cut to make the Hold-to-Light post cards. That meant that I had about 1,125 cards left over that were not die cut. Since the words "1985 Greetings" were die-cut in the roof on the 3,000, I had a big white area to fill on the remainder. I decided to use the words "Merry Christmas" so the cards could be used at Christmastime any year.

    Since there was no printing on the reverse of the cards (because they were to be used for the Hold-to-Light post cards), I printed a red reverse on these cards.

The cards are 3" x 5". The publisher was H.S. Crocker. The cards were delivered on July 2, 1985. Dist. by Avis Post Card Co. and the card/stock number C-2.

    For more information about this card as a Hold-to-Light, see HTL-4.