A Free Gift

    Remember, salvation is a free gift, and it is a free gift for us. Can you buy it? It is a free gift, presented to "whosoever" will accept it.

    Suppose I were to say, I will give this Bible to "whosoever" will take it; what have you got to do? Why, nothing but take it. But a man comes forward, and says:

    "I'd like that Bible very much."

    "Well, didn't I say 'whosoever' will can have it?"

    "Yes; but I'd like to have you mention my name."

    "Well, here it is."

    Still he keeps eyeing the Bible, and saying, "I'd like to have that Bible; but I'd like to give you something for it. I don't like to take it for nothing."

    "But I am not here to sell Bibles; take it, if you want it."

    "Well, I want it; but I'd like to give you something for it. Let me give you a cent for it; though, to be sure, it's worth about five dollars."

    Suppose I accept the cent; the man takes up the Bible and marches away home with it.

    His wife asks, "Where did you get that Bible?"

    "Oh, I bought it,"

    Mark the point; when he gave the penny, it ceased to be a gift. So with salvation. If you were to pay ever so little, it would not be a gift.