Bending His Will

    A mother told me up in Minnesota that she had a little child who took a book and threw it out of the window. She told him to go and pick it up. The little boy said, "I won't."

    She said, "What?"

    He said again, "I won't."

    She said: "You must. Go and pick up that book."

    He said he couldn't do it. She took him out, and she held him right to it. Dinner-time came, and he hadn't picked up the book. She took him to dinner, and after it was over she took him out again. They sat there until tea-time. When tea-time came she took him in and gave him his supper, and then took him out and kept him there until bed-time. The next morning she went out again and kept him there until dinner-time. He found he was in for a life job, and he picked the book up.

    She said she never had any trouble with the child afterward. Mothers, if you don't make you boy obey when he is young, he will break your heart.