Don't Swear!

    I was greatly amazed not long ago, in talking to a man who thought he was a Christian, to find that once in a while, when he got angry, he would swear. I said: "My friend, I don't see how you can tear down with one hand what you are trying to build up with the other. I don't see how you can profess to be a child of God and let those words come out of your lips."

    He replied: "Mr. Moody, if you knew men, you would understand I have a very quick temper. I inherited it from my father and mother, and it is uncontrollable - but my swearing comes only from the lips."

    When God said, "I will not hold him guiltless that takes My name in vain," He meant what He said, and I don't believe any one can be a true child of God who takes the name of God in vain.