Easy, and Yet Difficult

    It is the easiest thing in the world to become a Christian, and it is also the most difficult. You say: "That is a contradiction, a paradox." I will illustrate what I mean.

    A little nephew of mine, a few years ago, took my Bible and threw it down on the floor. His mother said,

    "Charlie, pick up uncle's Bible."

    The little fellow said he would not.

    "Charlie, do you know what that word means?"

    She soon found out that he did, and that he was not going to pick up the Book. His will had come right up against his mother's will.

    I began to be quite interested in the struggle: I knew if she did not break his will, he would some day break her heart.

    She repeated, "Charlie, go and pick up uncle's Bible, and put it on the table."

    The little fellow said he could not do it.

    "I will punish you if you do not."

    He saw a strange look in her eye, and the matter began to get serious. He did not want to be punished, and he knew his mother would punish him if he did not lift the Bible. So he straightened every bone and muscle in him, and he said he could not do it. I really believe the little fellow had reasoned himself into the belief that he could not do it.

    His mother knew he was only deceiving himself, so she kept him right to the point. At last he went down, put both his arms around the Bible, and tugged away at it; but he still said he could not do it. The truth was - he did not want to. He got up again without lifting it.

    The mother said, "Charlie, I am not going to talk to you any more. This matter has to be settled; pick up that Bible, or I will punish you."

    At last she broke his will, and then he found it as easy as it is for me to turn my hand. He picked up the Bible, and laid it on the table.

    So it is with the sinner; if you are really willing to take the Water of Life, YOU CAN DO IT.