Getting On Splendidly

    One man said to another, some time ago: "How are you getting on at your church?"

    "Oh, splendid."

    "Many conversions?"

    "Well—well, on that side we are not getting on so well. But," he said, "we have rented all our pews and are able to pay all our running expenses. We are getting on splendidly."

    That is what the godless call "getting on splendidly." They rent the pews, pay the minister, and meet all the running expenses.

    A man was being shown through one of the cathedrals of Europe; he had come in from the country. One of the men belonging to the cathedral was showing him around, when he inquired:

    "Do you have many conversions here?"

    "Many what?"

    "Many conversions here?"

    "Ah, man, this is not a Wesleyan chapel."

    The idea of there being conversions there! And you can go into a good many churches in this country and ask if they have many conversions there, and they would not know what it meant, they are so far away from the Lord; they are not looking for conversions, and don't expect them.