How the Miners were Saved

    In the north of England they have been digging the coal for a century. They have gone miles and miles away from the shaft, under the sea, and there is danger of men getting lost. I heard of two miners who lost their way. Their lights went out, and they were in danger of losing their lives. After wandering around for a long time, they sat down, and one of them said:

    "Let us sit perfectly quiet, and see if we cannot feel which way the air is moving, because it always moves toward the shaft."

    There they sat for a long time, when all at once one of them felt a slight touch on his cheek, and he sprang to his feet and said:

    "I felt it."

    They went in the direction in which the air was moving, and reached the shaft.

    Sometimes there comes a little breath from God that touches our souls. It may be so gentle and faint that you barely recognize it; but if you do, do not disregard it. Thank God that He has spoken to you, and praise Him for it, and whatever may come do not go in the opposite direction. Give yourself up to be led by it, and you will come out of darkness, out of bondage, out of sorrow, into perpetual light and joy.