It Seemed Too Good to be True

    Some time ago I read in one of the daily papers a thing that pleased me very much. When the new administration of President McKinley went into office some clerks in one of the departments were promoted. One young lady was offered a promotion, but she went to see the secretary, General Butterworth, and said that there was a girl sitting next to her that had a family to support. A brother who had been supporting the family had died, or sickened, and it had fallen upon her, and she asked the general to let her friend that sat next to her have the promotion in her place.

    The general said that he had heard of such things in other generations, but he didn't know that it would ever happen in his generation. He was amazed to find a person on duty in Washington that was willing to give up her position to take a lower one, and let someone else have it that she might be able to help her family.

    In Colorado the superintendent of some works told me of a miner that was promoted, who came to the superintendent, and said:

    "There is a man that has seven children, and I have only three, and he is having a hard struggle. Don't promote me, but promote him."

    I know of nothing that speaks louder for Christ and Christianity than to see a man or woman giving up what you call your rights for others, and "in honor preferring one another."