Pull for the Shore

    A vessel was wrecked off the shore. Eager eyes were watching and strong arms manned the life-boat. For hours they tried to reach that vessel through the great breakers that raged and foamed on the sand-bank, but it seemed impossible. The boat appeared to be leaving the crew to perish. But after a while the captain and sixteen men were taken off, and the vessel went down.

    "When the life-boat came to you," said a friend, "did you expect it had brought some tools to repair your old ship?"

    "Oh, no," was the response; "she was a total wreck. Two of her masts were gone, and if we had stayed mending her only a few minutes, we must have gone down sir."

    "When once off the old wreck and safe in the life-boat what remained for you to do?"

    "Nothing, sir, but just to pull for the shore."

    Man can't save himself. He has been wrecked by sin, and his only safety lies in taking Jesus Christ as his Savior.