Teaching Willie Faith

    Some years ago I wanted to teach my boy what faith was, and so I put him on a table. He was a little fellow about two years old. I stood back three or four feet, and said:

    "Willie, jump."

    The little fellow said, "Papa, I'se afraid."

    I said: "Willie, I will catch you. Just look right at me and jump."

    The little fellow got all ready to jump, and then looked down again, and said, "I'se afraid."

    "Willie, didn't I tell you I would catch you? Will papa deceive you? Now, Willie, look me right in the eye, and jump, and I will catch you."

    The little fellow got all ready the third time to jump, but he looked on the floor, and said:

    "I'se afraid."

    "Didn't I tell you I would catch you?"


    At last I said: "Willie, don't take your eyes off me"; and I held the little fellow's eyes, and said, "Now, jump; don't look at the floor;" and he leaped into my arms.

    Then he said to me, "Let me jump again."

    I put him back, and the moment he got on the table he jumped, and after that, when he was on the table and I was standing five or six feet away I heard him cry, "Papa, I'se coming," and has just time to rush and catch him. He seemed to put too much confidence in me. But you cannot put too much confidence in God.