"That's Me!"

    While we were in London, Mr. Spurgeon one day in his orphanage told about the boys—that some of them had aunts and some cousins, and that nearly every boy had some friend that took an interest in him, and came to see him and gave him a little pocket money. One day, he said, while he stood there, a little boy came up to him and said:

    "Mr. Spurgeon, let me speak to you."

    The boy sat down between Mr. Spurgeon and the elder who was with him, and said:

    "Mr. Spurgeon, suppose your father and mother were dead, and you didn't have any cousins, or aunts, or uncles or friends to come and give you pocket money, and give you presents, don't you think you would feel bad? Because that's me!"

    Said Mr. Spurgeon: "The minute he said that, I put my right hand down into my pocket and took out some money for him."