The Mansion Made Ready

    Once when I was traveling to a city there was a lady in the car with me. After I had reached the hotel where I was to stay, and had got comfortable quarters, she came, and said:

    "Oh, sir, I cannot get a room in this hotel; they are quite full! How ever did you manage to get a room?"

    "Easily enough," I replied; "I just telegraphed on before that I was coming, to have a room ready for me."

    And it is somewhat similar in regard to gaining admission to heaven. Your names must be sent on beforehand, and entered in its book, else you won't get in; but get your names inscribed on its pages, and then you won't be disappointed. God will have a mansion ready for you when you ascend to your heavenly home. When you come to its gates, the guardian angels will refer to the book of life to see if your name is there. If so, pass in; but if not, admittance will be inexorably refused.