The Wrong Physician

    I heard once of a man who went to England from the Continent, and brought letters with him to eminent physicians from the Emperor. The letters said:

    "This man is a personal friend of mine, and we are afraid he is going to lose his reason. Do all you can for him."

    The doctor asked him if he had lost any dear friend in his own country, or any position of importance, or what it was that was weighing on his mind.

    The young man said: "No, but my father and grandfather and myself were brought up infidels, and for the last two or three years this thought has been haunting me, 'Where shall I spend eternity?' And the thought of it follows me day and night."

    The doctor said, "You have come to the wrong physician, but I will tell you of One who can cure you"; and he told him of Christ, and read to him the fifty-third chapter of Isaiah, "With His stripes we are healed."

    The young man said, "Doctor, do you believe that?"

    The doctor told him he did, and prayed and wrestled with him, and at last the clear light of Calvary shone on his soul. He had settled the question in his own mind at last, where he would spend eternity.

    I ask you, sinner, to settle it now. It is for you to decide. Shall it be with the saints and martyrs and prophets, or in the dark caverns of hell, amidst blackness and darkness forever? Make haste to be wise; for "how shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation?"