They Knew It

    Let me tell you how I had my eyes opened about the theater question. I had an assistant superintendent of a Sabbath school, a very promising young man, who seemed to be very happy in the work. A star actor came to the city, and he went to see him. I knew nothing of it, but the next Sunday when he came into the Sunday-school all over the building the boys cried out:

    "Hypocrite! Hypocrite!"

    The perspiration started out of every pore of my body; I thought they were looking at me. I said to the little newsboys:

    "Who are you calling a hypocrite?"

    They mentioned the assistant's name. I asked the reason, and they said:

    "We saw him going into the theater."

    I had never said anything about the theater to those children, but they saw that man going in, and called him a hypocrite. They seemed to know it was no place for a Christian to go. He lost his influence entirely, withdrew from the school, and after a while gave up Christian work altogether. He was just swept along with the tide in Chicago and his influence was lost.