What Seed Are You Sowing?

    Suppose I meet a man who is sowing seed, and say, "Hello, stranger, what are you sowing?"


    "What kind of seed?"

    "I don't know."

    "Don't you know whether it is good or bad?"

    "No; I can't tell. But it is seed—that is all I want to know, and I am sowing it."

    You would say that he was a first-class lunatic, wouldn't you? But he wouldn't be half so mad as the man who goes on sowing for time and eternity, and never asks himself what he is sowing or what the harvest will be.

    Father, what seed are you sowing in your family? Are you setting your children a good or a bad example? Do you spend your time at the saloon or the club, until you have become almost a stranger to them? or are you training them for God and righteousness?