What is Needed

    Nine-tenths, at least, of our church members never think of speaking for Christ. If they see a man, perhaps a near relative, going right down to ruin, going rapidly, they never think of speaking to him about his sinful course and of seeking to win him to Christ. Now certainly there must be something wrong. And yet when you talk with them you find they have faith, and you cannot say they are not children of God; but they have not the power, the liberty, the love that real disciples of Christ should have.

    A great many think that we need new measures, new churches, new organs, new choirs, and all these new things. That is not what the Church of God needs today. It is the old power that the apostles had. If we have that in our churches, there will be new life.

    I remember when in Chicago many were toiling in the work, and it seemed as though the car of salvation didn't move on, when a minister began to cry out from the very depths of his heart:

    "Oh, God, put new ministers in every pulpit."

    Next Monday I heard two or three men stand up and say, "We had a new minister last SundayŚthe same old minister, but he had got new power," and I firmly believe that is what we want today all over AmericaŚnew ministers in the pulpit and new people in the pews. We want people quickened by the Spirit of God.