2011 and later photos from the North India Gospel Mission

January 2011 - Pastor Daniel Jebasingh sharing his experience about seminar with congregation.

February 2011 - NIGM church congregation listening to the Word of God.

February 2011 - NIGM Sunday School

February 2011 - part of church congregation.

February 2011 - Mrs. Jennifer Abraham sharing the Word of God.

March 2011 - Part of the congregation.

April 2011 - Five new believers in Christ.

April 2011 - NIGM youths trained to lead worship.

April 2011 - Part of congregation on the resurrection of the Lord Jesus at Easter service.

April 2011 - NIGM youths in prayer.

May 2011 - New believers in Christ with the pastors.

May 2011 - Refreshments served at special service.

May 2011 - NIGM Vacation Bible School

May 2011 - NIGM Vacation Bible School teachers sowing the Word of God.

May 2011 - Part of congregation.

June 2011 - Chennai Beach, the longest one in Asia.

June 2011 - A wedding held at the NIGM.

June 2011 - Junior pastor Daniel leading the church for two Sundays in our South visit.

June 2011 - Part of NIGM congregation in worshipping our living God.

July 2011 - NIGM congregation.

July 2011 - Visiting pastor in house meeting.

July 2011 - NIGM's slum children education at Shiva camp.

November 2011 - Beginning construction of new church.

November 2011 - Ground is dug for basement and foundation pillars.

December 2011 - Twins enjoying Christmas program.

December 2011 - Sunday school teacher receiving a gift for her labor. How much more we will be rewarded when Jesus comes back!

December 2011 - Part of Christmas program.

December 2011 - Brick materials are loaned to continue the church construction.

January 2012 - Korean youth mission team from Australia doing evangelism in Delhi slums.

January 2012 - Korean youth mission team from Australia doing evangelism in Delhi slums.

January 2012 - The Korean team and NIGM youth with Pastor - family get together on their last night at New Delhi.

May 2012 - Biscuits were given to all the participants in all areas in the VBS programs. God bless all the donors.

May 2012 - Word of God was shared with non-Christian children in this summer in Nanda vihar-Dwarka.

May 2012 - Church construction is progressing and out water is useful for the neighbors. You are sowing to the blessing work.

May 2012 - Word of God sown in the hearts of non-Christian children in Indira Market slum children.

May 2012 - Cementing the basement is 70% done and ground floor cementing is continued. Pray for the release of funds. God bless the donors.

September 2012 - God's servants and church people fasted and prayed for the completion of the church building.

September 2012 - Pastors Samuel and Jonathan ministered with us for more than 15 days and encouraged us.

October 2012 - Basic white wash is being done in the Dwarka church.

March 2013 - NIGM church dedication on March 24th. The congregation came in a hired bus.

March 2013 - This NIGM Dwarka church was dedicated and opened by Pastor Bernhard Botschen.

March 2013 - Junior Pastor Daniel J. Abraham and his wife Praveena Daniel being dedicated.

March 2013 - Easter Sunday was celebrated with bun and fruit juice.

May 2013 - NIGM  women prayer warriors at Dwarka church doing fasting and prayer.

May 2013 - Some children in children's church in Dwarka.

May 2013 - Pastor Jacob Achary, counseling our NIGM youth at Dwarka church.

May 2013 - The cross was carried in one day, but we have to carry the cross every day for the Lord Jesus Christ.

May 2013 - The cross was fixed in the unfinished church hall at Dwarka church.

September 2013 - Grills are fixed in the church hall.

November 2013 - NIGM Sunday school child memorizing the Bible portion before the congregation.

November 2013 - NIGM Sunday school children dressing in Bible characters like Jesus.

November 2013 - NIGM children's ministry at Dwarka church.

December 2013 - Sunday School teachers receive gifts on the school anniversary.

December 2013 - Sunday School children receive gifts on the school anniversary.

December 2013 - Indira Market slum people reached by outreach program in the Christmas season.

December 31, 2013 - Watch night service at Dwarka church.

January 2014 - Water tanks are fixed in the Multipurpose church buildings.

January 2014 - Steve A. acting as Crucified on the cross.

January 2014 - NIGM second congregation enjoying the worship service.

January 2014 - NIGM first congregation worship service.

January 2014 - Brother John wants to serve the Lord, pray for him.

January 2014 - Pastor B. Abraham with R. from Nepal

February 2014 - NIGM Church building front portion is being constructed.

February 2014 - God did a great miracle to raise this multipurpose three story church building to this level.  Praise the Lord!

February 2014 - Marble in the church hall is getting polished.

April 2014 - First floor church hall is being made ready.

April 2014 - 100 days of prayers started on 5th April to 13th July.

July 2014 - The painting work is going on now also.

July 2014 - The church hall is getting ready for worship services and special meetings.

August 2014 - Pastor H. family with the revived cow which led him to Christ's salvation.

August 2014 - Local believers at prayer meeting.

August 2014 - Our 18 hours mountain road journey to Himachael Pradesh ministry.

August 2014 - Pastor Jonathan ministering in house meetings in Indira Market slums.

August 2014 - Pastor Jonathan ministering with our congregation.

November 2014 - English is being taught to the underprivileged children who are denied education because of poverty.

November 2014 - We are conducting slum school in another place. Praise the Lord.

December 2014 - NIGM Morning services at Anand Niketan

December 2014 - Michael ... started his branch ministry in Gurgaon. Praise the Lord.

December 2014 - Christmas carol service of NIGM.

December 2014 - Dwarka children on Christmas program.

December 2014 - Christmas gifts distributed to Dwarka children.

December 31, 2014 - New Year 2015 service at Dwarka New Church building.

January 2015 - Brother K... helped in the church kitchen for this fasting prayer.

January 2015 - Fasting prayer preparation of food for the participants at Dwarka church.