The Dog Fighter

    At one of our meetings in England, a noted dog-fighter was present, and related the following story about himself. 

    He said he had been carrying on the business of a dog-fighter in the east end of London, and had a very valuable dog, called "Tiger," which had cost a deal of money, and had also won a good deal of money in dog-fights. Well, he had a fight on the dog for Whit-Monday, for 20; but a few days before that a little child of his died, and it had affected him very much. He did not know what to do to get rid of his feelings, and so he was going to a public-house to have a pipe and something to drink, to help him to forget his sorrow; but as he was going he thought, "Well, there's this Moody and Sankey, suppose I go and hear them?" He went and heard Mr. Moody speak, and came out thinking it was all very good, but did not concern him. His business was very dull, and he had no sport to go to, so he went again. This time Mr. Aitken was the preacher, and the man said that it appeared as if the preacher left off speaking to the audience and directed his remarks straight at him. He sat down that he should not see him, but he only hit him harder than before. The service being over, he felt uncomfortable, and went and made inquiries about the matter, and then found that all men were born in sin. After a deal of conversation, and by the grace of God, he was enabled to trust simply in Jesus, and since that time he had been quite happy. There was his dog; what was he to do with that? Every time he saw Tiger he saw there was a terrible link between his past life and his present, and he was afraid if he sold the dog, he would only lead some one else into sin. So he at last decided to destroy the dog, although it cost him a good sum of money, and was a very valuable animal. This he did; he tied the dog in a sack and drowned him in the river.