The Idiot Boy

    It is not long ago, it just seems the other day, when my dear friend Dr. Mathieson, now in heaven, told me he was preaching the gospel in Scotland, and a minister told him he had in his congregation a little idiot boy. He did not know what to do with him; he had spoken to him many times, but the boy always said, "Ye maun wait till a' come to ye, and when a' come I'll sing ye a sang an' tell ye a story; but ye maun wait till a' come to ye." The minister heard that the boy was dying, and he went to him and said, "Sandy, you promised me that you would sing me a song and tell me a story before you died; will you tell it now?" "Yes, minister," replied the boy, "Three in ane an' ane in three, an' Jesus Christ He died for me; tha's a'." "Three in one and one in three, and Jesus Christ He died for me." I tell you that I would rather be a poor idiot, and know that, than be one of the mightiest and so-called wisest men in the city of Chicago, and not believe that Jesus took my place and died for me on Calvary's cross. The gospel is very simple; it is very easy to understand.