The Little Greyhound in the Lion's Cage

    A man over in Manchester had a little greyhound that he was training for a race, and he had a great bet on him for a poor man, and he was anxious his dog should succeed. The day came, and the dog didn't run at all. He was so mad that he took and beat the little greyhound, and then he pushed it through a cage in which there was a lion, and expected to see it eaten, but the little dog ran right up to the lion as though it wanted mercy, and instead of the lion eating it, began to lap it, and by-and-by the man called to the dog to come out, but he would not come. Then he put his hand in, and the lion began to growl, and he took it out again. And some people went and told the keeper what the man had done and how he had ill-used the little greyhound. When the keeper came around, the man wanted him to get his dog out for him; and the keeper asked him how he got in there, and the man was ashamed to tell. At last the keeper said, "You put him in; youd' better go and get him out; I won't get him out for you." And so the dog has remained there ever since. Now, that may be a homely illustration, but I hope it will fasten on our minds the idea that we are no match for Satan. He has had six thousand years' experience. I always tremble when I hear a man talk about defying Satan, and I want to add "by the grace of God," for that is the only way. The lion of the tribe of Judah will take care of us if we will come to Him.