The Lost Kiss

I remember, a few years ago, that my little girl used to be in the habit of getting up cross some mornings. You know how it is; when any member of the family does not get up in a sweet temper, it disturbs all the rest of the family. Well, one morning she got up cross, and spoke in a cross way, and finally I said to her, "Emma, if you speak in that way again, I shall have to punish you." Now, it was not because I didn't love her; it was because I did love her, and if I had to correct her it was for the good of the little child. Well, that went off all right. One morning she got up cross again. I said nothing, but when she was getting ready to go to school, she came up to me and said, "Papa, kiss me." I said, "Emma, I cannot kiss you this morning." She said, "Why, father?" "Because you have been cross again this morning. I cannot kiss you." She said, "Why, papa, you never refused to kiss me before." "Well, you have been naughty this morning." "Why don't you kiss me?" she said again. "Because you have been naughty. You will have to go to school without your kiss."

    She went into the other room where her mother was and said, "Mamma, papa don't love me. He won't kiss me. I wish you would go and get him to kiss me." But her mother said, "You know, Emma, that your father loves you, but you have been naughty." So she couldn't be kissed, and she went down stairs crying as if her heart would break, and I loved her so well that the tears came into my eyes. I could not help crying, and when I heard her going down stairs I could not keep down my tears. I think I loved her then better than I ever did, and when I heard the door close I went to the window and saw her going down the street weeping. I didn't feel good all that day. I believe I felt a good deal worse than the child did, and I was anxious for her to come home. How long that day seemed to me! And when she came home at night and came to me and asked me to forgive her, and told me how sorry she felt, how gladly I took her up and kisser her, and how happy she went upstairs to her bed! It is just so with God. He loves you, and when He chastises you, it is for your own good. If you will only come to Him and tell Him how sorry you are, how gladly He will receive you and how happy you will make Him, and, Oh, how happy you will be yourself.