The Loved One and the Lover

    There are a great many things to separate a man from his wife, or one friend from another; but the mother's love is generally unchangeable. Her son may be a murderer; public opinion may be against him; the daily Journals may write him down; his friends may forsake him, but that mother will take her stand in the court beside her boy. The jury may give a verdict against him, and he may be sentenced to death; but you will find that mother going down to his cell, and she will love him through it all. She don't care for public opinion; she don't heed the sentiments of the press. Everything may be gone from her, but love for her son will remain. And when that son has been executed, and life has left his body, she will go down to his grave and water it with tears, and will cherish the memory of that boy as long as she lives. But all this is not to be compared with the love of God. God's love is not confined to one man; it is universal and unfailing and unchangeable.