The Mistake that was Corrected

    When we were in Great Britain, in Manchester, a father woke up to the fact that we were going away from that town. Just as we were about closing he got wonderfully interested in the meetings, and when we had gone to another town he said to his wife, "I have made a mistake; I should have taken you and the children and the servants to those meetings. Now, I'm going to take my son from business, and take you and the children and the servants to the town where they are being held now, and take a house and have you all attend the meetings." He came and took a house and sat down determined to remain there till all had been blessed. I remember him coming to me one night, soon after arriving, and saying, Mr. Moody, my wife has got converted; thank God for that. If I get nothing else I am well paid." A few nights after he came in and said his son had become converted, and then told me one of the servants had been brought under the influence; and so he went on until the last day we were to be in that town arrived, and he came to me and said the last one of the family had yielded himself up to Christ, and went back to his native city rejoicing. When we were in London the father and son came up and assisted in the work, and I don't know a happier man in all Europe than that one.