Young Moody in Boston

    I remember when I was a boy and went to Boston, I went to the post office two or three times a day to see if there was a letter for me. I knew there was not, as there was but one mail a day. I had not any employment, and was very homesick, and so I went constantly to the post office, thinking perhaps when the mail did come in, my letter had been mislaid. At last, however, I got a letter. It was from my youngest sister, the first letter she ever wrote to me. I opened it with a light heart, thinking there was some good news from home, but the burden of the whole letter was that she had heard there were pickpockets in Boston, and warned me to take care of them. I thought I had better get some money in hand first, and then I might take care of pickpockets. And so you must take care to remember salvation is a gift. You don't work for salvation, but work day and night after you have got it.