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    Over the years, I tried several business ventures. The first job that I ever had was as the neighborhood paperboy. When I was in high school, I spent some time selling door to door for Fuller Brush. 

    By 1967, I was an avid stamp collector and wanted to accumulate as many stamps as possible, so I could become a "big dealer" someday. College didn't stop my collecting.

    I stayed with stamps for quite a while, mainly because I had friends and relatives who encouraged me.

    The stamps led to antique post cards, then the antique post cards led to the Hold-to-Light post cards.

     Photography led me into taking pictures of the rapidly changing scenery in Albany in the 1970's, which caused my interest in creating the newer style post cards (but I already had an interest in the old post cards, so it was another continuum).

    My interest in paper, and what I thought was a great bargain, caused a relative to get me interested in starting the greeting card business; Avis Cards.

    When I closed the Avis Cards store in 1999, I said that I wouldn't begin another business. I guess that it was in my heritage, and I kept out of business for 10 years until 2009, when I made another attempt at Avis Greeting Cards and Collectibles in Chicago, then Avis Cards again in Glens Falls, NY. I think I really, absolutely quit businesses in 2013.


    At times I have had an eBay "store" called Avis Collectibles - mostly during the winter months. If I am selling anything in the eBay store format presently, this link will work.