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    Claud A. Lynch's Testimony

Hi, my name is Alan. Before I became a Christian my life was reckless. I didn't realize how much I was loved. I did things without thinking; I was irresponsible. I was timid at times, scared, unthankful, and blinded to fully see the goodness in my life. I was sad because of what I had become. I stole and wasn't a very good person.

Now that I have become a Christian I am happier. I see and appreciate the good things in my life, also the bad. I believe I'm more thankful and more courageous to face life. I believe I've experienced some of the best feelings ever since becoming a Christian. Jehovah God has given me many things I've asked for.

I look back on my life and see the things that I wanted and the things I went after. I'm so glad there is something better and now I have it. I'm glad that I have chosen to accept Jesus and serve the living God that made everything. He is awesome!