Since it has been 13 years since I wrote the previous testimony, I thought I should at least give you a few updates of what has happened spiritually since early 1991:

    In March of 1991, while I was still working at Moody Bible Institute, I heard an advertisement for a radio program where Christian athletes were going to give their testimony, then speak somewhat about their particular sport. (Sports Spectrum) While I never heard the program in full, the program gave me an idea that it would be great to have a newsletter with just Christian Testimonies from people of all walks of life.  When I returned from Chicago, I spent a lot of time setting up the newsletter, then realized that it would be a part-time ministry and not full-time, so went back to work for New York State Government while doing Testimony Newsletter part time. With help, we produced about 28 issues of the newsletter over about 5 years (1992-1996). At the time, some of the people authorized me to put their testimonies on the Internet whenever I had a web site. Those testimonies are linked here.

    While I didn't think so at the time, I was diverted in most ways by opening a store called Avis Cards in Glens Falls on weekends from June 1996 - June 1999. The spiritual benefit that I received from the store was that I finally got more confidence in speaking to the many types of customers that came into the store. While I lost money in the business, I had plenty of customers - as the price per greeting card was low and many people were very happy with the product and price.  The major benefit for later ministry was my selling Bible bookmarks there for 10 each. I got some ideas as to what types of bookmarks some people were looking for, which later affected the ministry that eventually caused this website in 2001.

    The bookmark ministry I have considered to be an evangelistic seed planting ministry. Only God will know the results. I left the bookmarks at many churches within about 150-200 miles of Albany, NY - then distributed a few thousand bookmarks in the Chicago, IL area in various ways. Over 240,000 bookmarks have been distributed so far.

    During the summer of 2002, I was thankful that I went to the Billy Graham School of Evangelism in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It certainly was a highlight of my life, as I received totally new perspectives on evangelism that I hadn't thought of before. I met several ministers there that also had a heart for evangelism and encouraged me somewhat on this unusual ministry.

    In the fall of 2002, my father passed to be with the Lord at the age of 90. It was a joy to prepare a musical memorial service for him that many people seem to have enjoyed. It gave me the desire to organize more similar events that could be evangelical, but I didn't know when, how or where to begin.