Harold Aldridge's Testimony

I accepted Christ at the young age of 14 years old in July 1941, and was baptized and lived close to the Lord for a few years. I drifted away back into sin. In 1957, I redicated my life. There was still something missing in my life when on November 29, 1978, I had this dream (attached). At that time I didn't know the fullness of Christ's love. He had a plan for my life.

I now go to prisons and jails and witness to the prisoners and share this dream with them. We believe Christ has called us to do this. Man has not found his purpose in life until he makes peace with God. My, how He has blessed my ministry in the prisons. I thank God every day for a personal Savior and for calling me into this work.

On Wednesday night, November 29, 1978, I dreamed I heard a loud noise like that of a great trumpet. Then a voice cried out, "Time shall be no more. Awake thou that sleepeth. Arise from the dead and Christ will give you light."

I saw masses of people who were crying and screaming for mercy. The whole world was full of smoke. I was on my hands and knees crawling. It seemed there was only one place I could see. I looked there and saw Christ coming in a cloud. As He came down I began to move toward Him. I told Him I loved Him. He said, "I love you. That will seal you. No harm will come to you."

Then I heard a voice say, "The Master is come. He calleth for thee." I asked, "Who are you?" He answered, "I am Gabriel." Then I saw the magnificent trumpet he held beside him. Gabriel said, "The Judgment Day has begun."

At this time it seemed that I was lifted up in a large chariot. As we traveled through the air I looked below us and saw two great roads. One was straight and narrow. But the other was broad and very crooked. It turned this way and that, crossing the narrow one many times in a zig-zag pattern. "What do the roads represent?" I asked. "The broad road leads to destruction, the narrow one to eternal life," answered Gabriel. "Why does the broad road cross the narrow one so many times?" I asked. "That gives people traveling on the broad road the opportunity to get on the narrow one along the way," he answered. Along the broad road all kinds of worldly amusements could be seen. Along the narrow one, I could see churches, schools, rest homes, and all the Godly things.

Soon we arrived at a large gate with high walls. We stopped and I asked if this was Heaven. Gabriel told me that it indeed was. "If the broad road leads to destruction, why do both roads lead here?" I questioned. Gabriel replied, "All people pass through this way so that those who go to Hell may see what they have missed." "Will those who stay in Heaven see what they have missed?" I questioned further. "Yes." he answered, "All shall see that awful place."

Gabriel opened the gate and we entered the city. It was marvelous! It was definitely the most beautiful city I had ever seen. It was brightly lit and its crowded streets were paved with gold. Along either side, as far as the eye could see, were the most beautiful trees, flowers, and grasses I had ever seen.

We approached a gigantic building. I asked what it was and Gabriel told me that it was the Judgment Hall. He opened the door and lead me into the room. Abruptly he turned and left me, closing the door behind him. I never saw him again. I looked and saw God seated on His Judgment Throne before many people. He had a large book opened in front of Him. On its pages were the deeds of each person. From it He judged the people one by one, going over the life record of each. I saw many of my friends and neighbors there. The name of a person I did not know was called. His record was examined carefully. Then he was sent away to join the group on the left. I looked at him and whispered farewell, this is the last time we will see you.

My name was called next and I approached the Judgment Seat. The Judge turned to the beginning of my record. Page after awful page was read of my sinful life.

"Do you recall the prayers of your father and mother? The tears and gray hair you caused them?" He asked. Then He paused, waiting for my answer. "Yes," I replied, "I remember them all, but I thought I had made them right." "You have made them right," He said, "And now we pass to the brighter part of your record." After he had examined the remaining part of my record He said that I could join the singing in the angelic choir.

The group on the left was groaning and crying as they awaited their doom. I saw beyond and below them a great lake of fire. The Devil himself had come to get this group. There were terrifying screams as the Devil took his own away to the bottomless pit of fire.

Those of us who were on the right, who joined the choir, entered immediately into the presence of the Lamb of God and began singing; "Oh happy day that fixed my choice on Thee my Savior and my God."