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      Henry J. Arnold's Testimony

I, Harry Arnold, became a Christian by being baptized, upon confession of my faith in Christ, on the 27th day of January 1979 at Keithville, Louisiana. (Christian Prison Ministry, c/o Church of Christ - North, Post Office Box 7354, Shreveport, Louisiana 71107). It was many long years ago that God spared me from alcohol destruction and eternal damnation.

While incarcerated at Caddo Correctional Institute in Keithville, Louisiana, God had me see a film, titled "The Burning Hell." Through the years I have written Christian poems inspired by God the Holy Spirit about the doctrine of Hell. I was spared by God to be the Saviour's poem writer, to write poems of Christian warning about that place. To have a manuscript published and copyrighted, a manuscript Fiery Illustrated, title, "Hell Is Real."

This is my ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ. It is not pleasant to hear about Hell, so many Christians and preachers today pay little attention to the clear teaching of the Bible on the subject.

Through the years I have written many letters to Christian organizations and ministers, by mail to different cities, seeking Christian help to have my poems published into a manuscript. In my letters, I have included some of my poems, It's shocking to say that I have had no responses.

Even here in my hometown, Charlottesville, Virginia; I've written to many preachers and have included my poems on Hell. It's shocking to say, I've had no responses. Preachers don't reply. Why? Because Hell is not pleasant to hear. Mankind wants to have their ears tickled. But my calling from God is found in Ezekiel Chapter 3, Verse 33, "The Duties of God's Watchman."

"To Warn the Wicked from his way"

Repent or Perish

Heaven or Hell

Turn or Burn

Whosoever will.

My Saviour will open the doors for me, so that lost mankind can read my manuscript "Hell is Real".

Satan has been on a world tour ever since he and his fallen angels were cast out of Heaven, spreading that damnable religious lie, through false religions, false teaching, that heaven and hell do not exist;

Jehovah's Witnesses: No Hell

Christian Science and New Thought: No Hell

Mormonism The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: No Hell

The Unity School of Christianity: No Heaven No Hell

Herbert W. Armstrong and the World Church of God: No Hell

The Black Muslim Cult: No Saviour

The Church of the New Jerusalem (Swedenborgianism): No Hell.


There are untold numbers of Satan's false religions all over the earth, temples of idol worship are everywhere to be found. Muslim temples of idol worship are springing up everywhere. Even here in Charlottesville, new Muslim temples are being built.

Yes, Hell is Real, and through my inspiring poems, lost mankind must know that without the Lord Jesus as personal Saviour, mankind will descend forever lost onward down into "The Eternal Burning Hell, The Forgotten Place".