I have been a collector of many things over my lifetime. Besides accumulating stamps for Avis Stamp Co., in the past, I also had a large collection of old Albany post cards which gave me a great deal of insight into the history of the city of Albany, NY. The old post cards lead me to have an interest in Hold-to-Light post cards and the modern Albany, NY chrome post cards that I produced in the 1970's and 1980's as Avis Post Card Co. 

I have had an interest in photography since I was young, so thoroughly enjoyed taking the pictures that were used for the Albany, NY post cards that I produced. Now that I am traveling more in the distribution of the bookmarks, I have started to take more pictures again and placed a lot of them on "Webshots," which was an Internet photo sharing site.

I have also collected, but not too enthusiastically, Albany, NY paperweights, souvenirs and some salt wells. I have a very, very small collection of each, so hardly consider myself a collector of same.

As a part of this ministry, I have already sold my stamp collection and am now in the process of selling my extra post cards. It always seems to take a lot longer to do something than planned.