Kay A. Miller's Testimony

I was raised as a Presbyterian. I never remembered having a conversion experience in that faith. However, when I was about twelve, my sisters and I were invited to go to a Free Methodist revival meeting. When they gave the altar call, we responded and gave ourselves to Jesus. That night, I felt a joy I have felt only once again up to the present time. Now I know I can never doubt the reality of the Holy Trinity, because of the way I was filled with the Comforter.

A tragic fire had claimed the lives of two of the residents of the trailer court where I once lived, as well as the life of a visiting grandmother. One of those lost was an eight year old girl who had played with my son. She was dear to me. My mind tormented me with images of what her last minutes might have been like. I couldn't comprehend what had happened; I was heavy with sorrow and full of fear.

Then one night, as I lay in darkness both within and without, crying out to God; a presence of comfort, of all encompassing joy came upon me. I had never felt so loved. The sorrow was still there, but I was made lighter of my burden of fear. That night, I received the gift of the comforter, the Holy Spirit Himself. Now I am never alone. Thank you, Abba!