In his impressive services, Mr. Moody abounds in illustrations drawn from home life. With him, as with the Master, the little child is the type of the kingdom. Hence, his numerous touching stories about children. In this volume the aim of the compiler has been to present these remarkable incidents connected with child life. In every instance the child is in the foreground of the picture, and the great Evangelist in his own language, tells the story. Carefully selected from Mr. Moody's work at home and abroad, and handsomely embellished, it is hoped that these true and wonderful stories, while uttered first in the presence of the great congregations, and therefore adapted to all, may prove of special and personal interest to the child reader. In this form, and in the interest of the Savior's cause, the volume is dedicated to the children of America.

                                                    J. B. McCLURE

                                                        CHICAGO, ILL.