Robert R. Ward's Testimony

I was born in Los Angeles, California. Our family moved from Los Angeles to Oakland, California because of my father's job. We finally setttled in Alameda, California, when I was ten, where I completed my schooling. I did all the normal things as a child. I have two brothers; one ten months younger, and one ten years younger than me.

I attended Sunday School and church as a child, but I don't believe I really understood it at all. I am the only one in our family that attended Sunday School or church except for my first brother, who stopped going. I started my baptismal training just prior to entering the Air Force three years after I graduated from high school. I did not complete it at that time.

Upon entering and completing my military training, I completed my baptismal training while at Keesler AFB, Mississippi, and was baptized in Biloxi, Mississippi, in 1959. I continued attending church services throughout my military career, but something was missing. What, I did not know.

Upon completion of my military career, I moved to Orlando, Florida, which I now call home; and started a 2nd career, driving tractor/trailer. I ended up driving for Allied Van Lines, moving people across the country. At times, when I had to stop for a weekend, waiting to load or unload, I would spend it at a motel to rest up. Upon entering the motel room, I would, for some unknown reason, remove the Bible that was placed there, and put it into a drawer or lower shelf. I now realize I had gotten away from my Lord completely. I loved my work, even though it was tremendously hard at times; traveling to every state, backwoods and cities, farms and rural areas, long hours, loading and unloading, or driving. Then one night, at approximately 1:00 a.m., I had a major accident with a truck on I-95 in Florida, going North. Why I wasn't killed, I do not know. Except for the fact I had my seatbelt on, which I always wore, I believe I would have gone through the front window into the other truck I hit. I must have fallen asleep, I don't know. I have never used drugs or smoked. I don't drink alcohol. I just pushed myself beyond my endurance. Now I believe but for the grace of God, I would have died there.

The accident was in 1989. My work had always come first, and I was always trying to do my best. That was before I came to really know Christ. Actually, I never thought much about anything, I just tried to do my best. According to my agent, I was the best driver they had in the past ten years. That made me feel good. I always tried to help others in any way I could.

I made a mistake in 1990, and consequently I am incarcerated here in Ohio. But when Chuck Colson came here to speak in 1991, the day before Easter, I really knew something was wrong and almost completely broke down. Then on Easter Sunday, the next day, I rededicated my life to Christ in front of our congregation and before Chaplain Edgington. From that day forward I have never wanted to stop loving my Lord, or to stop studying about Him. This is something I have never thought about doing nor have I ever attempted before. I don't think I ever understood it all before actually. But my life is now Christ centered, and I will continually strive to reach for Him in all that I do.

There is also a young man here whose name is Mike Festi who has helped me tremendously in my walk with the Lord. We study together and have a very strong intercessory prayer time each afternoon. I have been blessed by God in many ways and have so much to be thankful for.

I know I have been blessed by our Father, as I have been extremely blessed through a vision. I know I have seen our Living Saviour Jesus Christ. I know it was not a dream, as this incident happened approximately two years ago, and I cannot even remember a dream from one day to the other. But this is so vivid to this day. I do not understand why I have been so blessed, but I know He is real and in my heart.

May God bless each and everyone, and may you come to know our Lord Jesus Christ as I have.